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Work In Progress

Capstone Project Update 2:

Here's our logo (cover page)

View our research document here (need SMMK12)

Our website outline (Prototype Design Sketch) is here (need SMMK12)

Since we are making a website our CAD model can be viewed below (second image)

As of right now we have no cost analysis since building a website has not cost us anything

Our elevator pitch can be viewed here

Update: We are meeting with Dr.Moon more frequently to work on the content that will be on our website, such as information and resources. We have also begun building the website with Isabelle taking our suggestions and bringing them to life. 


Housing Hunters (1).png

Capstone Project Update:

We are beginning to build our website and updating our research document. We have also begun testing on our website and the information presented. To make sure everything is accurate we have been meeting up with our mentor to verify the information presented. We also filmed our pitch (Capstone Video Screencastify) that can be viewed here.

Capstone Project:

We have found a mentor, Dr. Moon who works in a field involving the mentally ill homeless population. We recently had a Zoom meeting with her where we discussed a new possible problem statement. We decided on educating people and raising awareness. 

This second image is our "3D model". It's a much more detailed and stylized version of our sketch. It's what our final website will most likely look like.

Prototype Design:

Since we are doing a website we do not have a cost analysis or a 3D model. Instead, we used a website to make a layout.

This first image is our "sketch". It's designed for a mobile site since a phone is much more convenient and accessible.

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 1.27.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 1.31.02 PM.png
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